Pentecostal Episcopal Church International

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Pentecostal Episcopal Church offers three levels of Membership (Communion):

1.  Pastoral Covering

 2.  Associate Member

  3.  Covenant Covering

The first level of affiliation is designed for pastors of local ministries who desire to have a spiritual covering for him or herself only and not necessarily for the Church.  Our Bishop has a heart for pastors and understands the deep spiritual need for us all to have someone to whom we can turn for counsel, guidance as well as spiritual and theological leadership.

This is a personal pastoral level of commitment that the local pastor and the Bishop have covenanted.

The second level of affiliation is for the congregation that recognizes the Bishop as their Pastor's covering and desires to have an associate member status in PEC.  An associate member enjoys the benefits of being a part of a thriving reformation without committing the church to a long term commitment.  Associate members can be from any Christian denomination, but must believe that Christ is Lord, that he was crucified, rose from the dead; is now in heaven and is coming back again.

The third level of affiliation is 'Covenant Covering'.  This level includes the other two levels and more.

Covenant Covering commits the Pastor and the Church to a 'Covenant relationship' with PEC and our Senior Bishop.  The Pastor and all of the clergy are consecrated and credentialed by PEC. Not only the Pastor, but the entire Church is in covenant relationship with the Bishop and PEC. Covenant covering connects a ministry to the mission of PEC and provides the member/ministry the opportunity to function in an official capacity as members and leaders of PEC. 

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